KawaiiBox: October 2014

Hello everyone! Today’s post is on a subscription service called KawaiiBox they are based in Singapore but ship worldwide. I received a 3-month subscription as a birthday present but each box is worth $18.90USD each and they showcase various cute things from Korea and Japan. Here is what is in October’s KawaiiBox.

IMG_3982 IMG_3984 IMG_3985 IMG_3986


There were lots of goodies in this one I got a blue hand towel, a pink bag, cupcake stickers, a small note card, jewelry pearl stickers, a Rilakuma Macaroon puffy charm, a fluffy furry cat charm, a lavender pen, Puccho in Grapefruit (really good stuff!), a bear pencil sharpener and two candy hair elastics. So for 11 cute products this is a great value I can’t wait until next months!

You can subscribe to the service at www.kawaiibox.com!

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2 Responses to KawaiiBox: October 2014

  1. cupcake010 says:

    I wanted to get this box, but I wasn’t sure whether to get it or not – mystery boxes aren’t always reliable so thank you for reviewing it!! I now want to get it even more than I did before 🙂

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